Hands and Feet

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Nail Tidy

25 min

File, cuticles, massage and shine.

Hand Ritual OR foot ritual

25 min

Scrub, Soak and Massage of Hand and Lower Arm OR Scrub, Soak and Massage of Foot and Lower Leg.


40 min

Mini manicure or pedicure

25 min

Cuticle care, filing, cream application and nail polish

Spa Manicure OR Spa Pedicure

55 min

Indulge in a spa manicure, treating your hands and forearms to a gentle exfoliation followed by a hand massage, whilst including nail and cuticle care, followed by a nail colour of your choice for your rejuvenated younger-looking hands OR Pamper tired feet and legs during a soothing spa pedicure, focusing on exfoliation of rough skin and foot massage, including nail and cuticle attention. Choose a dazzling nail colour for your gorgeous new feet.

Blissful Feet Pedicure

85 min

Spa pedi with paraffin wax, renew callus treatment and a 20 min Back massage

Soak off and shine including nail treatment

25 min

Gently remove gel product from your nails.

Add to your Manicure or Pedicure:

Renew Callus Treatment

15 min

Paraffin Wax Treatment

15 min

Gel Polish Application

20 min

Gel Soak Off

10 min

Rasul Steam Chamber

25 min

Up to 4 people

Jacuzzi added to treatments

40 min

Jacuzzi stand alone treatment

40 min

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